EUCERIN Advent Calendar 2019

Waiting for Christmas can feel like forever

Waiting for Christmas can be really hard. That’s why Eucerin have planned something really special this year: the Eucerin Advent Calendar! Sign up now for our free reminder email and you will be the first one to know when the first door can be opened! Let’s get ready for Christmas together!

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We wish you good luck! The winners will be selected and notified via email in the following days.

Every day from 1st December we will remind you to open one of the doors of our calendar, so that you never miss the chance to win the product of the day! After 24th December our reminder email will stop automatically.

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We are sorry that you don't want to be reminded of our Eucerin Advent Calendar. We hope that you will still be able to come back every day and enjoy our daily chance to win a great gift. We wish you a nice holiday season.

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