Loss of skin volume and facial definition is a major sign of skin ageing but until now there were few skincare products formulated specifically with this problem.

Therefore, the challenge in developing Eucerin Volume-Filler was to identify potent, active ingredients that would target the diminishing volume to help restore facial contours, to give the face back its youthful appearance.


Skin looses volume due to a combination of natural and external factors which cause sagging, less-defined facial contours and may even start to affect facial expressions, as the distribution of volume-giving cells declines with age.

 “It was a problem that, so far, hadn’t really been tackled with a topical skincare range,” explained Andrea Schölermann, MD, Clinical Advisor Eucerin. “so we were inspired to work on a formula that could deliver good results in an everyday capacity.”

“By combining three active ingredients, we were able to develop a product range to help target the multiple factors responsible for a loss of natural volume.”

Eucerin scientists working in the laboratory
Our research focused on slowing the processes that lead to a loss of volume in the skin.
Working on the formulation of Eucerin Volume-Filler
Once magnolol was chosen as the main active, the formulation of Eucerin Volume-Filler could begin.
Magnolol can be shown to give an increase in volume-giving cells

Our starting point was an active natural ingredient called magnolol, extracted from the bark of the Magnolia tree. Magnolol penetrates into the skin where it supports volume-giving cells in the skin’s layers. It also can also be shown to stimulate the production of messenger substances which increase the skin’s own collagen production (in-vitro).

“We were also searching for an ingredient that could penetrate the layers of the skin to support its structure, which naturally flattens out as we age,” explained Andrea Schölermann, “and as cell regeneration, blood flow and collagen production all start to slow down.”

If we could have an effect on this flattening, we knew we’d be able to enhance volume and strengthen the skin.

Magnolol increases cell volume

The peptides used in Eucerin Volume-Filler are extracted from the Anise fruit, traditionally grown for their beneficial qualities. “This specific type of natural peptide has the ability to stabilise weak connective tissue by encouraging the skin to regenerate itself,”* explained Andrea Schölermann.

*In vitro studies