Tips: How to reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin

As an inflammatory disease, blemished skin is influenced by multiple factors – including bacteria. The disease is not contagious and the bacteria are not the cause for blemished skin to develop, but they play a role anyhow. Here you can ready some quick tips on how to stop the spreading of bacteria on your skin. 

Don’t touch your face

The first, most important but also our most complicated tip: don’t touch your face! Especially on your fingertips, there are a lot of bacteria. With every touch, you have them on your face, too.

Cleaning wipes

Bacteria accumulate on your fingertips, so it’s a good idea to wash your hands regularly with a mild but effective cleanser. That way, you’re less likely to spread the bacteria when you put your hands near your face.

Magnifying mirror

Mirrors that magnify your face can be misleading − they make your skin look worse than it is! You’ll feel a lot better without one.

Use make-up blenders from silicon

Bacteria don’t like silicone, so try a silicone make-up blender to reduce the amount of bacteria you put on your face.

Use cotton pads for applying blush

Ditch the sponge in your compact powder and use a fresh cotton pad each time you apply it. This will help to reduce bacteria.

Refresh your hair with dry shampoo

Our hair releases oils overnight. That‘s entirely natural, but to reduce any negative effects on your skin it might be a good idea to clean your hair with a dry shampoo before you go to bed.

Keep your head cool

Facial skin can get hot and sweaty, especially in their summer. Try using a fan or taking a small, portable fan out and about with you.

Wash towels & sheets regularly

Wash scarves and towels regularly so as reduce the number of bacteria you are putting back onto your skin.

Exchange accessories

Don’t forget to regularly exchange and wash your scarves. Also there, bacteria love to stay.

Use blotting papers

Blotting papers remove excess skin and matte your skin. They’re also really good at removing sweat in the summer.

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