Welcome to the Pure Skin Camp!

Our newest addition to help you reach your clear skin goals: the Pure Skin Camp.

Super clear skin or acne breakouts—your skin's condition is determined by various factors, one of which is your personal predisposition. But your eating and lifestyle habits, as well as stress and your skincare regimen influence your skin, too. We can help you clear up your skin on a long-term basis. How? By offering you tons of information and great tips on this website, and our brand new Pure Skin Camp!

The Pure Skin Camp: What is it about?

The Pure Skin Camp is our "bootcamp" for clear skin. From June 11-15, 2018, 22 top influencers representing over 15 countries will meet at the Puradies Wellness Hotel near Salzburg, to learn first-hand how to combat acne in the long run. Four recognised experts will coach the influencers in the fields categories skincare, nutrition, mental training and beauty, making them ready for pure skin.

How do I find out what is happening at the Pure Skin Camp?

22 influencers from over 15 countries will be at the camp, all of which will keep you up-to-date on what they are doing there. If you want to find out more, just search Instagram or YouTube for the tag #pureskincamp.

Who are the participating influencers?

The participants of the Pure Skin Camp in Austria are 22 influencers from over 15 countries. Their fields of expertise: beauty, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition. One thing they all have in common? Their struggle with blemishes and acne. And a dedicated, loyal community they will share their experiences with.

  1. Vicky Wanka, Germany

    Vicky is a German fashion and beauty blogger. Her joyful and bright pictures on Instagram show her great fashion sense, while her blog goes into more detail, with her favorite products, outfits and tips for overall beauty and happiness.

  2. InnenAussen, Germany

    Karin writes and creates posts almost daily, with a great passion for the newest beauty trends, interesting finds and great interior design ideas.

  3. Alrisa Maprang K., Thailand

    The young girl from Thailand has over half a million followers on Instagram and loves sharing stunning pictures of her exciting trips around the globe with her followers.

  4. Thanat Lowkhunsombat, Thailand

    The guy with the sympathetic smile has more than 820.000 Follower on Instagram and always shows himself from a natural perspective.

  5. MyCrazyMakeup, Spain

    As her name suggests, Leticia loves makeup. Fellow beauty fans will love her YouTube channel, where she posts everything from beauty hauls to first impression reviews. 

  6. Camino con allure, Spain

    Self-professed beauty lover Camino is passionate about makeup. On her channel, she offers various tutorials, shares her favorite products and gives her fans insightful tips on how to bring out their features.

  7. Renee Farah, Middle East

    Renee is currently the host of the fashion segment of “Sabah Al Dar” on Abu Dhabi TV.
    On the digital platforms, Renee is known as one of the ultimate Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion bloggers, especially in the Gulf states.

  8. Laila Mourad, Dubai

    Laila is a popular YouTuber with over 1.3 million subscribers. Always spreading happy and positive vibes, Laila's channel offers her fans everything from fitness tips to cooking videos, travel vlogs and more.

  9. Katie Snooks, UK

    Katie is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger from London. Her YouTube features fashion hauls, Q&As as well as weekly vlogs. One big topic for Katie has been her struggle with acne, which she covers in multiple honest and heartfelt videos on her channel.

  10. Lily Melrose, UK

    The 26-year-old Lily from Brighton is an honest fashion blogger from Britain. Her videos feature hauls and genuine vlogs, as well as great fashion sense make her channel so appealing.



  1. Meave Madden, Ireland

    Healthy, healthier, Meave Madden. Meave is a model, an actress, a personal trainer and blogger. From healthy nutrition to intense workouts, Maeve has got you covered when it comes to getting in shape responsibly. And she's not afraid of talking about her problematic skin days.

  2. Lilia Cortés, Mexico

    Lilia describes herself as a fashion-crazy beauty addict and dog lover. Since 2011, she has been a vlogger on YouTube, giving her subscribers gorgeous makeup tutorials and beauty reviews.

  3. Valentina Ballerina, Austria

    Young blogger Valentina writes and posts about everything that she loves. Some of her favorite topics? Good food, exercise, fashion, beauty and travel.  

  4. The Matte Project, South Africa

    TMP was founded by Mathahle Stofile, beauty consultant and former beauty director at Marie Claire, South Africa. It strives to offer women of colour beauty advice that is tailored to their skin needs and desires.

  5. Lepa svaki dan, Serbia

    Tamara Cosic is a beauty consultant and makeup artist. Her philosophy: Follow your passion. With her blog, she aim to give women and girls confidence in their beauty through great makeup and skincare advice.

  6. Aviana Rahl, Hungary

    Evelin is a Hungarian vlogger and creator who is all about makeup and skincare topics. Her channel offers everything from makeup tutorials to live shopping hauls and favorites videos, as well as travel vlogs.

  7. Olivia Viggiano, Argentina

    Olivia is not only an Argentinian actress and singer, but also active on Instagram. Since she is in the spotlight often, she knows how to dress and do her makeup in her private life.

  8. Sweetladylollipop, Slovakia

    Ivanka has her blog Sweet Lady Lollipop, which is all about fashion, lifestyle, feelings and little things that accompany her every day.

  9. Veronikamrl, Czech Republic

    On Veronikas is a blogger. You will find articles about her everyday life in Prague, as well as about fashion, traveling, cosmetics and good food.

  10. La Douce Mélodie, France

    Marion studies fashion in Paris, and features hauls videos, vlogs and more on her channel. Her clean and sophisticated style encapsulates the typically French relaxed, yet fashionable vibe. 
  11. Vanessa Ziletti, Italy

    Vanessa is a quirky and bubbly blogger and YouTuber. Her passion for fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle topics is visible in all of her pink-hued channels. Her how-to videos are always right on trend.

  12. Sabina Decirée, Sweden

    The happy and lively Swede is a huge dog lover and love sharing her life, her favorite food, fashion and beauty items with her subscribers.

Who are the coaches?

All 4 coaches are recognised experts in their fields and support a holistic approach to clearer skin, based on skincare, nutrition, exercise and general wellbeing.  

  1. Dr. med Markus Reinholz

    The dermatologist with a focus on acne knows the different kinds of acne bettter than anyone else—and knows exactly how to treat them. 

  2. Anouk Visser

    The trained psychologist from the Netherlands specialises in behavioural therapy. She is a consultant for businesses and organisations, where she helps create sustainable changes.

  3. Larn McShane

    This Australian has many talents: Not only is Larn a fitness and health trainer, she is also a nutritional expert and a professional tennis coach.

  4. Nina Park

    Nina is a renowned makeup and hair artist who does a lot of international work, especially for editorial shoots, TV, commercials, advertising and celebrities.

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