Female scientist is applying cream on the back of her hand - male scientist is watching.

Behind the science of Eucerin AtoControl

Dermatologists often recommend medicinal topical creams for Atopic Dermatitis flare-ups and these usually contain corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are effective and fast-acting ingredients which alleviate the itching of flare-ups. However, their application has to be limited according to doctors‘ advice.

We at Eucerin wanted to find out whether it was possible to develop a dermo cosmetic skin care range for dry and irritated skin that would also be suitable for regular use on minor to moderate atopic skin. After several months of intensive research we were able to launch Eucerin AtoControl.

Discovering a skin care for dry and irritated skin that is also suitable for use during Atopic Dermatitis flare-ups

“We knew from our research that sufferers, and parents of children with Atopic Dermatitis, were looking for cosmetic care that is also suitable for atopic skin and that could be used during flare-ups as well as in interval periods,” says Gitta Neufang, PhD, Head of Research Eucerin. ”They told us that corticosteroids were often essential during flare-ups but they wanted additional, and complementary, cosmetic skin care to improve the skin‘s appearance”

“We decided to take up this challenge. But it was far from easy.“

We needed a formula which combines key actives to address the specific skin care needs of dry, irritated and even atopic skin.

Little girl scratching the crook of her arm.
Cortisone is effective at alleviating itchiness. It is not recommended for a long-term usage, because it can have negative side-effects.
Female scientist is working in a laboratory.
After several years of development Eucerin was able to launch AtoControl - an effective skin care range also suitable for use with Atopic dermatitis.

The key actives in Eucerin AtoControl

Eucerin has been using Omega-6 fatty acids in its dry skincare range for more than 15 years and clinical studies have shown that formulas with the combination of Evening Primrose Oil and Grape Seed Oil effectively replenish a damaged skin barrier and protect it from drying out. Dehydration is an important reason why some atopic skin can go from non-flare to flare-up so Omega oils were identified as potential key caring ingredients for the new formula.

Illustration of Omega-6 fatty acids work.
Omega-6 fatty acids improve skin barrier function

As well as hydrating skin, the formula needed an ingredient with an antimicrobial ingredient. Eucerin scientists found Decanediol, which works against staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium which is often found on atopic skin.

Illustration of Decanediol works.
Decanediol decreases microbial colonisation.

The next priority was dealing with skin’s irritation. Again, scientists turned to an ingredient that had proved to be effective in Eucerin’s dry and very dry skin ranges for several years. Licochalcone A is derived from the roots of the Chinese licorice plant and is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. When it is applied to irritated skin, Licochalcone A can be shown to visibly reduce redness and soothe the skin.

Illustration of Licochalcone A works.
Licochalcone A soothes inflammation

The final piece in the jigsaw was to find an ingredient that would help the skin to resist the urge to scratch. Menthoxypropanediol is a derivative of Menthol and shares its cooling properties. This cooling effect helps to relieve itching.

Illustration of Menthoxypropanediol acids work.
Menthoxypropanediol helps provide relief from itching.

Given the sensitivity of atopic skin, it was obviously important that the cosmetic cream was fragrance-free, colorants-free and paraben-free.

“It took much effort and time to develop our AtoControl Acture Care Cream,” say Dr Neufang. „But we are delighted to say that its skin caring properties have been clinically proven to improve the skin‘s appearance.

Dr Neufang points out that AtoControl Acute Care Cream is not a pharmaceutical product and is not meant to replace one.

The good news for parents is that Eucerin’s AtoControl Acute Care Cream has been clinically and dermatologically proven to be effective for children and is safe to use on babies from the age of 3 months.

Read more about Atopic Dermatitis on the face. Read more about Atopic Dermatitis on the body.

Female scientist is applying cream on the back of her hand - male scientist is watching.
Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream has been tested clinically and dermatologically.
Little girl, laughing and holding a stuffed animal is sitting on her mom´s lap.
It has been proven in clinical and dermatological tests that the Eucerin AtoControl range is effective for children and safe to use on babies.
Illustration of Atopic skin cycle.
Use moisturisers daily for your face.

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