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Eucerin AtoControl Phase-adapted care for atopic dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis − also known as atopic eczema − is a skin disease that makes skin dry, red, irritable and itchy. This itchiness induces scratching which makes symptoms worse and can lead to skin infection. Atopic Dermatitis can also impact on quality of life: the constant dryness, redness and itching is uncomfortable to live with and can cause a lack of sleep and low self-confidence. When babies and children suffer their parents can feel helpless and guilty.
The disease has two distinct phases:

  1. An acute phase when skin flares up
  2. The period between flare-ups when skin is calmer and less reactive

Because there is no known cure for atopic dermatitis, the primary aim when caring for atopic skin on a daily basis is to prolong the non-acute phase. During a flare-up, the focus is on soothing and calming skin as quickly as possible. Eucerin AtoControl offers the phase-adapted skincare that atopic skin needs.

The range contains a unique active ingredient complex of soothing Licochalcone A and barrier-strengthening ceramides. When used daily, the basic care products − the bath and shower oil, the body lotion and the body, hand, and face creams − reduce dryness, redness, and itching and extend the period between flare-ups.

Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream has been specially formulated to relieve skin during a flare-up − it soothes and calms redness and itchiness and reduces the need to scratch.

All products are clinically and dermatologically proven to deliver results while being gentle on atopic skin. Research shows that Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream and Eucerin AtoControl Lotion also promote a good night’s sleep and improve quality of life.1

Fragrance-free, the range is suitable for adults, children and babies over three months.

1Source: Beiersdorf research, AtopiControl PiU claim support, May 2017

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Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream

Dry, atopic skin

AtoControl Acute Care Cream

  • Intensive care for an atopic dermatitis flare-up
  • Localised treatment for irritated and itchy patches of skin
  • For face and body
  • With Licochalcone A, Decanediol, Menthoxypropandiol and Ceramides
  • Soothes skin and supports a good night’s sleep1
  • Enhances quality of life1
  • Suitable for adults, children and babies over three months

1 When used alongside Eucerin AtopiControl Lotion. Source: Beiersdorf research, AtopiControl PiU claim support, May 2017

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After showering or bathing, skin should be patted almost dry before applying care products.
Skin care products could be kept in the fridge as cooled creams to offer additional itch relief.
The need to scratch can be reduced if children are encouraged to scratch something else, like a doll.

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