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What is Palm (Kernel) Oil?

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Do Eucerin products contain palm oil?

Beiersdorf does not source palm oil directly for the production of cosmetics. However – as is customary in the cosmetics industry – we use additives such as emulsifiers and surfactants, which are necessary for a number of products. These are usually produced on the basis of mineral and vegetable oils such as coconut oil, rapeseed oil, or even palm oil and palm kernel oil.

What is Beiersdorf doing for sustainable cultivation?

For several years, we have been working closely with our suppliers to promote greater transparency in the supply chain in order to support efforts to establish and expand sustainable palm (kernel) oil production. In addition to our involvement in the “Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil” (RSPO), we are also involved in the “Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil” (FONAP), and we are committed to further improving the existing certification criteria.

Which path will Beiersdorf take in the future?

We have made significant progress in recent years towards the use of sustainably produced palm (kernel) oil. We are working to ensure that the ingredients concerned are used only from demonstrably sustainable sources (Certified Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil) and to switch to mass-balanced palm (kernel) oils and corresponding derivatives by 2020. Until the conversion is complete, Beiersdorf will procure “Book and Claim” certificates for the remaining parts.

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