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Skin concerns such as acne, atopic dermatitis, or hyperpigmentation don’t just affect people’s skin. They often also impact their self-esteem, their state of mind, and ultimately the quality of their lives. With effective, highly tolerable and clinically proven skincare innovations from Eucerin®, people have the chance to make their skin feel better and enjoy life to their fullest again.

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Real stories about real skin concerns

In our skinterviews, we spoke with Angelika, Karina, Sarah, Tony, Ruth and Eungyu. Skin concerns affected their lives in different ways. Watch their stories and see the life-changing impact of dermatological skincare.
Ruth, who suffers from hyperpigmentation, always felt like people saw nothing but her uneven skin tone when they looked at her. Then she discovered products from Eucerin® that are tailored for her skin condition. When she meets people, she is now confident enough to show her beautiful smile, knowing that this is exactly what others will see at the very first glance.
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When Tony was diagnosed with actinic keratosis, he worried how this would impact his ability to play outside with his young son. While he knew that he needed to do everything possible to protect his sun-damaged skin, spending his life indoors was not an option. With Eucerin® Sun Protection, he feels safe to play with his son outside again.
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Karina loves participating in triathlons. But when she started, she was in a lot of pain: blisters and chafed skin made her way to the finish line hell. With Eucerin® Aquaphor she found a way to protect her skin, so that no blisters or wounds would develop. Finding the right skincare gave her the freedom to follow her passion. Nothing can stop her now!
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Eucerin Brand Purpose Sarah skinterview
When Sarah noticed changes in her skin as she grew older, she wanted to do everything she could to stop this process. After getting her wrinkles treated with injections for a while, she no longer recognised herself in the mirror. Now she is using Hyaluronic Acid serum and cream, she finally feels comfortable with her skin’s appearance again.
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Suffering from acne, Eungyu’s teenage years were tough on him. Comments from his family and friends made him shut himself off. He stayed at home and stopped seeing friends to avoid having people see his acne and swollen skin. Now he knows how to treat skin impurities and finally feels comfortable in his own skin and has even started acting.
Watch Eungyu’s skinterview
Angelika loves being a mother. But when her son Jonathan began to suffer from atopic dermatitis and scratched himself until he started to bleed, she didn't know how to help him. With Eucerin® AtoControl she soothed her son’s skin and her worries. Now she knows how to treat his itchy spots, so he is free to play and she can be sure his skin is safe and sound.
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Watch people open up about their skin

Our skinterviews (=skin + interviews) give insights into the lives of people, their skin problems, and how dermo-cosmetic skincare has helped them.


The life-changing power of dermatological skincare

At Eucerin® we have been dedicated to pharmaceutical grade skincare science for over 100 years. We are in constant pursuit of scientific breakthroughs and are committed to developing effective, highly tolerable and clinically proven solutions. We develop our products to sustain and improve the health and beauty of your skin. Because we know that only tangible and visible results can solve your skin concerns and help improve your everyday well-being. We know the effects of our skincare solutions are not just skin-deep. If your skin feels better, you feel better. Discover the life-changing power of dermatological skincare.

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