Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light SPF 30

A sun lotion for the body with high UV and cell protection

This extra-light, fast-absorbing sun lotion is ideal for normal to oily skin.

Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light SPF 30 is an extra-light lotion that immediately absorbs into the skin to provide a high-level of sun protection.

This extra light sun lotion offers advanced technology protection against UV damage with:
  • A highly effective, photostable, UVA/UVB filter system with Tinosorb S that provides reliable protection. EU and Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association (formerly called Colipa)-compliant.
  • The cellular protection formula, with Licorice Extract, helps protect skin cells against sun-induced damage caused by free radicals.
This sun lotion formula is easy to apply, and absorbs immediately to leave a non-greasy finish. Water resistant

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies have proven the efficacy and skin compatibility of Eucerin Sun Extra Light Lotion SPF 30 – even suitable for Atopic Dermatitis.



  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
  • Do not use for small children.
  • Apply generously before sun exposure & reapply frequently, especially after swimming, toweling and sweating to maintain the original protection. Insufficient quantity of sunscreen applied reduces the protection effect.
  • Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product.
  • Avoid intensive midday sun and extensive sun exposure as even sunscreens with high SPFs do not offer a 100% protection. 
  • Avoid contact with textiles and hard surfaces to prevent staining.

Woman applies sunscreen on her shoulder

Do's and Dont's

Use Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light SPF 30 if …

Try a different product if …

You have normal or oily skin type and are looking for a very light-textured, fast absorbing, high-protection sunscreen lotion for your body:

Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light SPF 30 is a very light-textured, fast-absorbing, high-protection sunscreen lotion for normal body skin.

You have dry skin and are looking for a sunscreen lotion for your body:

Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light SPF 30 is a high-protection sunscreen for the body that is also suitable for use on skin with Atopic Dermatitis.

You have oily skin and are looking for a sunscreen spray for your body:
You have dry skin and are looking for a sunscreen lotion for your body:
You want a sunscreen for your face:

Try Eucerin Sun Creme SPF 30, if you have normal to dry skin.
Try Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 30, if you have combination or oily skin. 
All facial sunscreens include EU and Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association (formerly called Colipa)-compliant Tinosorb S UV protection and these cell protection formulas contain Glycyrrhetinic Acid and Licorice Extract.

You are looking for an after sun care product to relief sunburn:

Frequently asked questions

What SPF sunscreen do I need?

A Sun Protection Factor (SPF) enhances your own natural level of protection, extending the time it takes for the skin to burn. However, it is best to limit sun exposure and remember that skin damage can occur even before sunburn is visible. Also it is important to remember that no sun protection lotion can give 100% protection.

Is Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light SPF 30 suitable for young children?

Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light SPF 30 was specifically developed for adults. Alternatively, for children over 1 year old try Eucerin Kids Sun Spray SPF 50+.

What is the difference between mineral and chemical UVA/UVB filters, and which one should I use?

Chemical filters are absorbed by the skin and transform UV rays into harmless warmth, whereas mineral filters remain on the surface of the skin and reflect and scatter UV rays that reach the surface of the skin. Most modern sun protection formulas use a combination of both for effective protection.

What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?

Long wave UVA (Ultraviolet A) rays emitted by the sun penetrate deeply into the skin and are the originating factor of oxidative stress in the skin. They play a greater role in long-term sun damage and are a major cause of skin ageing and skin cancer. In addition, UVA rays may trigger sensitive reactions such as polymorphic light eruption (PLE). Short wave UVB (Ultraviolet B) rays, on the contrary, cause more visible damage to the skin, leading to what we usually refer to as sunburn. It penetrates the skin less deeply than UVA but is the main responsibility for cellular DNA damage.

What product can I use for soothing skin that is already sunburnt?

Although sun burn should be avoided, if it does occur we recommend Eucerin After Sun Lotion. If you have any signs of sunburn you should avoid any further sun exposure until any reddening disappears. In severe cases of sun burn or if you also have any other symptoms, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Eucerin Sun Protection Superior sun protection for your skin´s individual needs

The Eucerin Sun Protection range offers comprehensive sun protection with is a product suited to each skin type. All products provide a highly effective photostable UVA and UVB filter system and skin cell protection. There are sunscreens formulated specifically for different skin types (normal, dry, oily, sensitive) for both face and body. There are products formulated specifically for babies, children and adults. There are even sunscreens formulated to be suitable for use with sun sensitivities and blemish-prone skin. All formulas are light in texture, easy to spread and fast absorbing. Only selected active ingredients with a clinically proven efficacy and tolerability are used.

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