Woman applying sunscreen on her arm

The effect of sun on your body and how to protect your skin

Sun protection isn’t just for sunbathers. It’s important to give any part of our body that is exposed to the sun the protection it needs. This article looks at how to protect your body, how to choose the right products to suit your skin type and condition and how to apply products to ensure they continue to protect your skin all day long.

Adopting a sensible attitude to the sun is the best way to minimize the risk of sun damage to skin:

  • Avoid overexposure to the sun and keep out of direct sunlight during its most intense hours.
  • Keep skin covered with protective clothing, including a sun hat and glasses, whenever possible.
  • Use a sun protection product that offers the appropriate level of protection for your skin and the external conditions and that, ideally, has been specially formulated to suit your skin type and condition. 
  • Apply sun protection thoroughly, and re-apply regularly, to ensure you maintain the level of coverage.
  • Remember that sun damage isn’t just for sunbathers. Harmful rays can still affect skin on cloudy days, so any part of your body that is regularly exposed (your hands, arms and décolleté for example) should be given appropriate protection.
  • Apply an Afer Sun afer exposure to help care for your skin.

For advice on how to care for your face in the sun read Why do I need daily sun protection for my face? To find out the best ways to protect young skin read Why do babies and children need special sun protection?

Sun protection for your shoulders
Wear protective clothing and sun hats to reduce skin damage
Sunscreen for your arms
Choose a sun protection product specially formulated for your skin type and condition
Sun protection for your body: exercise
Sun protection isn’t just for sunbathers: people who work or exercise outdoors need to protect their skin

Sun protection tip

Don’t forget to protect your hands, even on days when you’re fully clothed and not applying sun protection elsewhere on your body. When you apply your daily facial SPF product be sure to rub it into the backs of your hands too.

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