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Eucerin Acute Lip Balm 10ml

NART: 63641-09900-20
47 reviews

Instant intensive care for dry and extremely dry lips

A highly effective balm that instantly soothes and moisturises dry and cracked lips, as well as the perioral area around the lips.

The whole family is enthusiastic about this product. It is really highly recommended in any case. Thumbs up!

Silke, 2019

Product info

Eucerin Acute Lip Balm

The unique combination of active ingredients in Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm makes it a highly effective solution for extremely dry, cracked or chapped lips;

  • Soothing Licorice Extract reduces redness and calms irritation,
  • Evening primrose oil helps regenerate the lips’ natural protective barrier
  • Panthenol moisturises, regenerates and promotes healing
  • Glycerol intensively moisturises to leave lips feeling soft and smooth.

Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm is also suitable for use on the perioral skin around the mouth, and for conditions such as lip-lick eczema, cheilitis or dry lips caused by medical treatment.

Clinical and dermatological studies

We conducted a two-week controlled usage study of Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm among 58 people with dry, chapped lips. Subjects included children under 12 and patients with conditions such as lip-lick eczema, Atopic Dermatitis or Xerosis. Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm was proven to: Demonstrate very good skin tolerability

How To Use


  1. Make sure your lips are dry before applying.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm to your lips.
  3. Use as often as required.

Do's and Dont's

Use this product if...

You have extremely dry, chapped, cracked or inflamed lips:

Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm is designed to quickly soothe and relieve these symptoms.

You have lip-lick eczema, cheilitis or dry lips caused by medical treatment:

Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm is ideal for these conditions.

Try a different product if …

You are looking for relief around your lips:

Try Eucerin Aquaphor


FAQ (2)

  • Why do I need a special lip care product?

    Our lips are commonly exposed to the causes of dry skin, such as cold weather, constant wetting and drying, and sunshine. Lip skin is also extremely thin, and cannot produce the natural protective layer the rest of your skin produces to protect itself from drying out. This combination of factors makes your lips highly vulnerable to becoming very dry, cracked, irritated or even infected. Learn more about skin on your lips.

  • Is Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm safe for children?

    Yes, it can be used on children over the age of three.

from 47 reviews*
  • Gina38 10/10/2018
    Saved my lips!
    Last winter I had an allergic reaction to a well-known natural brand lip balm, this lip balm was recommended to me to help my lips recover. My lips were burnt, split open & extremely painful, this balm soothed & calmed & repaired the damage. That little tube is still going strong nearly a year later & I wouldn’t buy anything else now.
  • Paulapipsq 24/09/2018
    Eucerin Intensive Lip Balm
    Happy happy happy, I have tried every lip balm on the market with limited success and have had to re-apply several times per day, not with Eucerin, once in the morning and before bed is plenty enough for those luscious lips. My lips are normally extremely dry and cracked as I suffer from eczema and I have to be careful what I use on my face area, Eucerin is nothing short of a miracle, I love it!!
  • Katarina17 24/09/2018
    River in intensive lip balm
    From the first time I tried this my lips felt smoother ! It's easy to apply and doesn't leave a greasy feel and fits just right in my handbag.i will definately buy this in future and recommend to others
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