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Skin structure changes as we age: fine lines and wrinkles appear first and deepen over time. As we continue to mature skin’s volume and firmness, radiance and, later on, its elasticity all gradually reduce. The loss of elasticity, combined with the appearance of deep wrinkles, is a primary aging concern for many women with mature skin.

The Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity range has been specially formulated to address a loss of elasticity. Eucerin’s blend of high and low molecular Hyaluronic Acid, Arctiin and Silymarin in the day and night creams plumps up deep winkles and improves elasticity while the nourishing oil formula of the Elasticity + Filler Facial Oil improve elasticity and support resilience. Skin feels firmer and looks fresher and more radiant.

Dermal tissue is strong in young skin and has a plentiful supply of collagen and functional elastin – together they help to keep skin firm and smooth. As we age, collagen and functional elastin levels decline (collagen by 1% annually). This disrupts the dermal tissue arrangement, causing skin to lose strength. It feels less firm and wrinkles deepen.

Youthful skin appears firm and radiant with no lines and wrinkles. (Schematic illustration)
Mature skin lacks elasticity, radiance and resilience and has wrinkles. (Schematic illustration)

Another key factor behind a loss of firmness and deepening wrinkles is the declining production of hyaluronic acid which surrounds cells helping them to bind in water. Skin becomes drier. It loses its full and firm feel and wrinkles get deeper.

As we age, our skin loses the radiance we associate with young skin and can appear dull. This is caused by a number of factors which include a reduction in microcirculation to the dermal layers of skin and slower cell turnover.

Eucerin skin scientists wanted to create an effective range to target this loss of elasticity, plump up deep wrinkles and improve radiance. With more than 100 years of expertise in skincare and research, experts set about identifying active ingredients and developing a formula that would tackle these symptoms in mature skin.

The Eucerin Research & Development team started with Arctiin, a naturally derived extract from the fruit of the Burdock plant: “Formulas with Arctiin stimulate the repair of weakened connective tissue, strengthening skin and making it more resilient,” explains Dr Sven Fey from Eucerin R&D. “Arctiin also accelerates the collagen renewal process on a cellular level. Our Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity formulas, which contain Arctiin, improve elasticity and firmness in mature skin.”

Dr Fey and his team then tested the benefits of combining Arctiin with Silymarin. An extract from the fruit of the Milk Thistle plant, Silymarin is known to be a powerful antioxidant. Eucerin research showed that, when included in the formula, it worked to protect skin from oxidative stress and activated skin’s microcirculation at a cellular level.

To address the declining production of hyaluronic acid in mature skin, Sven and the team added both high and low molecular Hyaluronic Acid to the formula:

  • High molecular Hyaluronic Acid remains on skin’s surface and works to improve hydration in the outermost layer of the epidermis – where fine lines and winkles originate. 
  • With molecules that are 40 times smaller 1 than those of high molecular Hyaluronic Acid, Low molecular Hyaluronic Acid penetrates further into the epidermal layers where deeper wrinkles originate.

“It’s a powerful moisturizer,” explains Dr Fey. “Using both molecular weights means that the formula addresses surface fine lines and deeper wrinkles.”

High molecular Hyaluronic Acid


Low molecular Hyaluronic Acid

These three actives became the key ingredients in the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity Day and Night Care products, but work did not stop there. “We enriched the night cream with Argan Oil”, says Dr Fey. “It’s rich in essential fatty acids and ensures that the formula delivers intense nourishment.”

Argan Oil is also one of the lead ingredients in Eucerin Elasticity + Filler Facial Oil. “Our skin gets dryer as we age and facial oils can be particularly nourishing,” adds Dr Fey. “We found that a formula which combines Milk Thistle Oil, Vitamin E and Argan Oil delivers effective results for mature skin.”

The Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity range plumps up deep wrinkles and improves elasticity. Skin looks and feels firmer, fresher and more radiant.

The range is clinically and dermatologically proven to plump up deep wrinkles and improve elasticity.

Significant improvement of skin elasticity and firmness

120 women aged 49 and over tested the products in the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity range for two weeks and reported the following results:

For the day cream:

  • 99%: Improves my skin appearance
  • 98%: Skin feels noticeably firmer
  • 98%: Intensively moisturizes the skin
  • 97%: Skin feels strengthened
  • 93%: Wrinkles and lines are smoothened
  • 86%: The product is an excellent make-up base

For the night cream:

  • 100%: Improves my skin appearance
  • 100%: Skin feels noticeably firmer
  • 99%: Provides skin with long-lasting moisture
  • 97%: Skin feels strengthened
  • 95%: Wrinkles and lines are visibly reduced -
  • 3%: Provides radiance

For the facial oil:

  • 98%: Refines skin texture
  • 98%; Refines skin appearance
  • 98%: Smoothens skin
  • 97%: Leaves a pleasant feel on the skin
  • 96%: Provides my skin with intense nourishment
  • 83%: Does not leave a sticky film on the skin

These results, as well as results from other clinical and dermatological studies, prove the efficacy of our products,” concludes Dr Fey. “The Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity range helps women with mature skin to address their primary aging concerns by improving elasticity and plumping up deep wrinkles.”


  1. BDF data on file; in vivo determination of skin elasticity and firmness by cytometry, 2 weeks application study, test subjects 34 females 45 – 70 years, compared to baseline. * All values in graphs are significant.

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