Eucerin UreaRepair 5% Urea Original Cream 75ml

An intensive moisturiser for dry and rough skin

A rich cream for very dry and rough areas such as the elbows and shins.


Gold seal for Urea products

Eucerin UreaRepair Original 5% Urea Cream provides dry and very dry skin with intense moisture. Roughness and tightness are noticeably reduced and skin is smooth and supple.

Enriched with Urea, a natural moisturiser produced by healthy skin, the formula is clinically proven to help skin bind in moisture. It has been specially formulated for problem areas such as the shins and elbows.

Fragrance and colourant-free, it is suitable for people who may be prone to psoriasis and mature skin. Also suitable as adjunctive care.


Clinical and dermatological studies

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the product offers very good care efficacy and is well tolerated, even by extremely dry skin.



Apply as often as required:

  • Clean and pat dry the areas that need treatment
  • Massage a small amount of cream into your skin until it is completely absorbed 
Cream with Urea for dry areas

Use this product if …

Try a different product if …

You have very dry, rough skin on problem areas of the body such as the elbows and shins and are looking for a cream rather than an ointment.
You’re looking for a treatment for extremely dry, rough patches of skin, and would like a higher concentration of Urea, or prefer the thicker texture of an ointment.

Try Eucerin Intensive 10% w/w Urea Treatment Cream

You’re looking for an all over-body moisturiser for very dry skin with a pleasant texture.

Try Eucerin Intensive Lotion 10% w/w Cutaneous Emulsion Urea

You’re looking for a hand cream for dry or very dry and rough hands.
You’re looking for a foot cream for dry or extremely dry feet and cracked heels.

Content Parts/Title FAQ

How can I tell if I have very dry skin or a skin condition or disease?

You can find information about dry skin as well as conditions such as Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) and Psoriasis on this website. If you are still unsure, or concerned about your symptoms, we recommend you ask a pharmacist or dermatologist for advice. 

Is Eucerin UreaRepair 5% Urea Original Cream safe for children?

This product is recommended for adults and has not been tested for children. For babies and children, we recommend Eucerin AtoControl. Most products in this range are suitable for babies over three months old with dry to extremely dry skin with Atopic Dermatitis. 

Why is this product more suitable for my elbows and shins than Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS Body Cream 5% Urea or Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS Lotion 5% Urea?

This cream is specially formulated for the treatment of dry skin on certain areas of the body. Its firm texture helps it to target those areas. If you are looking for a cream for full body application, a more fluid texture may be easier to apply. 

Eucerin Dry Skin Immediate relief PLUS 48h delay of dry skin symptoms

Dry skin is a very common condition and accounts for more than 40% of visits to dermatologists. Depending on the severity of dryness, skin can be tight and rough and/or prone to itching, scaling, flakiness and redness. In extreme cases, skin is pathologically dry (Xerosis).

The main reasons for dryness are a lack of moisture and an impaired skin barrier function which results from:
- A lack of lipids: these are essential for a stable barrier function, which also protects from moisture loss.
- A deficit of Urea and Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs) which bind moisture in to the skin.

All Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS products are formulated with a unique combination of ingredients:

- Ceramide and other lipids to form a lipid envelope to strengthen the skin barrier and protect against moisture loss. 
- Urea and other Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs) to improve skin’s water-binding capacity and increase its moisture content. 

The formula is clinically proven to replenish both lipids and moisture in the skin to give immediate relief. It also delays the symptoms of dry skin for up to 48 hours. Eucerin UreaRepair Plus leaves skin looking and feeling smooth, soft and supple.
Eucerin UreaRepair Plus offers a comprehensive range of products which includes lotions, creams and a cleanser as well as hand and foot care treatments. These products are available with different concentrations of the water-binding active Urea, and the concentration used should vary according to the severity of dryness.

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