Replenishing Body Wash 5% Urea

Gentle replenishing body cleanser for dry to very dry skin

This gentle yet effective cleanser will not wash away the skin's natural protective barrier, and is enriched with moisturising Urea and Lactate to soothe dry to very dry skin.

Many soaps and certain cleansers contain alkali detergents that wash away the epidermal lipids and moisturising factors that make up the skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving it prone to dryness and irritation. Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA only contains mild cleansing agents, making it suitable for cleansing dry to extremely dry skin. In addition, it is also enriched with Urea and Lactate, natural moisturising factors that bind moisture into the stratum corneum (upper layer of the skin). As this ultra-mild wash formula leaves the skin’s natural barrier functioning, it is ideal for daily cleansing of dry or mature skin, or even suitable for use for skin affected by Psoriasis or diabetes.

Clinical Studies

Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA’s good skin tolerability was confirmed in clinical studies.



Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA is designed for daily showering or bathing:

1. Apply a small amount of Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA to your hands.
2. Massage gently into a lather on your face, body, hands and feet.
3. Rinse thoroughly.

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Do's and Dont's

Use this product if…

Try a different product if …

You have dry to very dry skin:

Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA is formulated to gently cleanse and moisturise dry to very dry skin.

Your skin tends to look or feel dry, itchy, scaly or tight after showering or bathing:

Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA is gentle and suitable for use with dry skin conditions.

You have dry skin :

Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA’s ultra-mild formula makes it an ideal cleansing product for dry skin.

You are looking for a dry skin cleanser for your hair or scalp:

Try Eucerin DermoCapillaire Shampoo with 5% UREA for a dry and itchy scalp.

You have dry or irritated skin:
You need a cleanser that is suitable for babies:

Frequently asked questions

Is Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA safe for children?

This product is suitable for children from the age of 3 years.

What is the difference between Eucerin Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA and Eucerin AtoControl Bath & Shower Oil?

Eucerin Replenishing Body Wash 5% UREA is a water-based skin cleanser with added moisturising factors suitable for dry to very dry skin, while Eucerin AtoControl Bath & Shower Oil is an oil-based bathing product, which means it is ideally suited for very dry and irritated skin and is suitable as a bath additive for babies from 3 months.

I am not sure if I have dry skin, very dry skin, or a skin condition. How can I tell the difference?

If you are unsure about what skin condition you have or for medical advice, ask your local pharmacist or doctor.

Eucerin Dry Skin Proven relief for dry skin

The Eucerin Urea products for dry skin contain the natural moisturising factors (NMF) Urea and Lactate, which improve the moisture holding capacities of the skin. The end result is smooth, softened skin. Suitable for extremely dry and rough hands or feet.


All the Eucerin Urea products for dry skin are dermatologically approved. 

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