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Is my skin type normal?

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Understanding your skin type is important because different skin types require different care and attention. Using products for oily skin could remove too much moisture from people with normal skin whilst using products for dry skin may be too heavy. Knowing if you have normal skin could prevent unnecessary issues which are brought on by using active ingredients that you don’t need and potentially confusing your skin's natural processes. 

If you have normal skin your main goal will be to keep it feeling healthy, protecting your skin barrier and not exposing it to stressors that could throw your skin out of equilibrium. 

Though you’ll still want to pay attention to your skincare routine, it will be for protective purposes rather than to treat skin concerns. You’ll want to consider similar steps as people with other skin types, whilst choosing products that aren’t too powerful or focused toward a different skin concern. 

What is a normal skin type?

The key underlying factor to skin types has to do with sebum production. Our skin produces sebum to regulate its hydration. A higher amount of sebum production will result in oily skin, and not enough can cause dry skin. Some people present both of these types indicating they have combination skin

Others might experience common reactions, resulting in redness and irritation, meaning they have sensitive skin. Well-regulated sebum production is present in normal skin types, resulting in a good level of hydration. A normal skin type describes skin that is neither too oily or dry.

People with a normal skin type likely have a healthy skin barrier which supports hydrated texture with tighter pores and low reactivity.

It won’t have the appearance of dryness or excess oil and individuals so people who have it won’t need to buy specialised products to compensate for oil or dehydration

A skincare routine is not just to treat skincare concerns, it’s also to protect and maintain healthy skin. Cleaning will prevent clogged pores, moisturising will keep skin hydrated as the weather changes and using gentle serums will nourish our skin and keep it looking its best.

Characteristics of normal skin

Close up image of normal healthy skin
Normal skin is well balanced: neither too oily nor too dry.

If you are unsure whether you have this skin type there are a few normal skin characteristics you can look out for. Similarly there are signs which can indicate whether you lean more towards either oily or dry skin.

  • Pores: are your pores visible and enlarged? This indicates oilier skin so people with normal skin will have less noticeable and tighter pores.
  • Skin texture: does your skin appear shiny or rough and flakey? Normal skin textures will fall in the middle where it is not too oily or dry. 
  • How does your skin feel after cleansing? If it feels tight then you likely have drier skin whereas if it soon develops a shine to it you might be on the oilier side. 

Is normal skin type rare?

Normal skin seems to be the rarest skin type. Some would argue it doesn’t even exist. Even if you fall into the normal skin range you may notice a slight deviance towards either oily or dry skin, meaning you would probably prefer to use products that are adapted to those concerns to reach a better balance. 

Variations of normal skin

Our skin is complex and unique to us, so whilst some people may fall into the extremes of a skin type, others might find themselves closer to normal. It is rare to have 100% normal skin and most people will find they lean to either side, so keep this in mind when determining your skin type, especially when looking at others for comparisons.

Once you figure out your skin type, ask yourself where you think you might fall on the scales so you can choose your products accordingly. Eucerin provides a range of products for each skin type and some will be stronger than others so it is important to pick what works best for you.

Do I really need a skincare routine?

If you are lucky enough to have normal skin you may feel like you don’t need a routine since you don’t have skin concerns which need treating. However, everyone benefits from a skincare routine. It is important to start your routine early in life as a protective measure from external stressors to preserve healthy skin.

Can I use any skincare products if I have a normal skin type?

It is not advised to use skincare which is formulated for the wrong skin type. Products for oily skin won’t be hydrating enough if you don’t have excess oil production. Similarly, products for dry skin might feel too greasy if you don’t require that extra hydration. Opt for dermatological brands that use gentle and scientifically-backed ingredients to support your healthy skin.

As we age our skin loses elasticity and we experience a decline in collagen and hyaluronic acid. A well-planned and consistent skincare routine can help slow these declines and prevent premature ageing.

Though it might feel like you don’t need to use skincare products because your skin is already balanced, there are several products which everyone could benefit from no matter how healthy their skin is. This is because even with perfect skin, we are still exposed to damaging triggers daily like sun, pollution and bacteria. Protecting yourself from these is the key to making sure your skin remains in this healthy and balanced state for as long as possible.

Lady doing her skincare in the mirror

How to protect normal skin

Protecting normal skin is the key to enjoying it for longer! Over time our environment and ageing is likely to have an impact and you may find that your skin type changes as a result. Here are some tips to protect your healthy skin:

Use SPF daily

Sunscreen is not just for summer! The sun is one of the most damaging factors for our skin and can contribute to our moisture barrier being compromised, as well as premature ageing due to free radicals interfering with our natural cell activity. The best thing you can do to protect your skin is to always wear sunscreen - winter or summer, indoors or outdoors! Make sure you opt for a high quality facial sunscreen and don’t forget to reapply every two hours.

Use gentle ingredients

Just because your skin isn’t sensitive now doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. The development of skin concerns usually starts with damage to this barrier which can be caused by overuse or misuse of certain skincare actives. Keep your skin barrier strong by only using gentle, well-researched skincare products, always following the usage directions to minimise stress to the epidermis.

Don't fix what isn't broken

Though genetics plays a big role, having normal skin probably means you’re doing things right. It’s easy to complicate it but as long as you cover the key steps with scientifically-researched, gentle products then there's no need to play around with it too much. Be sure to only add products to your skincare routine one at a time, with several weeks between each to avoid overloading your skin or triggering an unknown reaction.

But don't neglect it!

Just because you have healthy, happy skin it might be easy to let your skincare routine fall by the wayside. Be sure to keep consistent with it as this is what will lead to long-term results!

Skincare routine for normal skin

Make sure you include at least a cleanser, a moisturiser and an SPF. These are the core steps to any routine and will help protect against environmental factors. If you would like to add an antiaging element you could consider a retinol or antioxidant too. Learn more about our recommended skincare routine for normal skin, which covers all these bases.

Can people with normal skin still experience skin problems?

All skin types can experience blemishes so don’t conclude you have oily skin if you experience breakouts. Our skin can also change depending on our environment, climate and hormonal fluctuations so keep these factors in mind when determining your skin type.

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