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DermoPurifyer Oil Control Cleansing Gel

NART: 88970-09930-22

200 ml

106 reviews
Gentle but effective cleansing
Removes excess sebum
Soap-free formula with 6% Ampho-Tensides

For blemish-prone skin

A non-comedogenic face wash with 6% Ampho-Tensides that gently but effectively removes excess sebum while removing dirt and make-up. Leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and supple.

I have a real problem with my hormones. With Eucerin, I managed to treat my pimples faster.

Iena, 2019

Product info

Cleansing Gel for blemish-prone skin Soap- and fragrance-free, Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Cleansing Gel is a non-comedogenic daily face wash for blemish-prone skin. With 6% Ampho-Tensides, it cleanses skin gently but effectively removing dirt, make-up and any excess sebum. The cleansing gel can be used alongside medical treatment for blemished skin and during pregnancy. Dealing with maskne: mask-induced blemishes Maskne, or mascne as it’s also known, is caused by excessive heat, friction and/or pressure to the areas of your face that come into contact with your mask, and subsequently cause blemishes. Eucerin’s DermoPurifyer range has been shown to reduce blemishes by 64%*, using a skincare regime including Eucerin DermoPurifyer Mattifying Fluid and Skin Renewal Treatment. *Clinical study results after 8 weeks of combined use with 90 volunteers

How To Use


  • Use the cleansing gel as a first step in your skin care routine - preferably twice daily:morning and evening
  • Use a cherry-sized amount and work it into a lather in your hand with a little water
  • Massage into your face.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water
  • Avoid contact with your eyes

Recommendations for your daily skincare routine

Cleanse and tone

Cleanse skin in the morning and evening:

  • am: to remove the sebum and dead skin cells that have accumulated overnight
  • pm: to remove make-up and free skin from the day’s dirt

Use gentle cleansing products such as Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Cleansing Gel with lukewarm water and follow with an appropriate toner. You may also benefit from using a scrub once a week to unclog pores and refine skin texture.

We do not recommend using an alcohol-based toner and the scrub alongside blemish-prone skin medication as it can make skin more sensitive. If you like the refreshing feel of a toner, try the alcohol-free Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Micellar Cleansing Water instead.

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The care product you use depends on the severity of your blemishes and on the type of treatment you are undergoing.


If you are using medical treatment for blemished skin, Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Adjunctive Soothing Cream helps to alleviate some of the symptoms such as intense dryness. It should be applied five minutes after your medication so the treatment can absorb fully.


If you have mild to moderatly blemished skin, but are not undergoing medical treatment, use a soothing and mattifying moisturiser such as Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Mattifying Fluid in the morning and evening.


For clearer and smoother-looking skin over time, you may also like to incorporate our skin renewal treatment into your routine. It is suitable for all blemish-prone skin that is not undergoing medical treatment for blemished skin and should be used once a day only − ideally in the evening. You can use it before the mattifying fluid or on its own.

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Sun protection

Sun protection is an important step in your morning routine. Blemishes can cause pigmentation issues if over-exposed to the sun, and medications for blemishes can make blemish-prone skin even more sensitive to UV rays. Eucerin Sun Gel-Creme Oil Control Dry Touch SPF30 and SPF50+ offers the levels of protection that your skin needs and should be applied before your cover-up and make-up. If you’re applying sun protection after a topical treatment for blemished skin wait five minutes to allow the treatment to fully absorb.  

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Concealer and make-up

Cover blemishes and even out skin tone with foundation and/or a concealer. Choose products that are non-comedogenic (i.e. that will not block pores) and, ideally, ones that contain ingredients that work to improve the condition of blemish-prone skin. Be sure to remove all make-up before you go to bed.

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Is this the right product for my skin?

Use this product if …

You’re looking for a gentle, soap-free cleansing gel suitable for daily use

You’re looking to remove excess sebum

You’re undergoing medical treatment for blemished skin

Try a different product if …

You’re looking for an exfoliator:

Try Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Scrub

You’re looking for a mild cleansing gel for normal to combination skin:

 Try Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Cleansing Gel which cleans normal to combination skin without drying it out.


FAQ (8)

from 106 reviews*
  • Juliaaah 03/02/2023
    Perfect cleanser
    It is a lovely gentle fragrance-free cleanser. My skin feels soothed and fresh the same time. There is no feeling of tightness. It is great that this cleanser is so effective. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and purchase it in a near future.
  • Melli 03/02/2023
    I found this Cleasing gel to be very gentle on my skin. It cleanses my skin effectively removing any oil or grime as well as all traces of my makeup. But it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dry. After using this for the last few weeks my skin looks more clear and I'm suffering with less blemishes.
  • Bellaboobe 03/02/2023
    A gentle but effective cleanser
    Gently but effectively removes excess oil, dirt and makeup, leaving my skin feeling clean, fresh and supple. The gel cleanses and mattifies my skin well, without causing any irritation or dryness, so it’s perfect for my sensitive skin. Its also antibacterial so eliminates skin bacteria and prevents ongoing bacterial growth, which can lead to spots. It doesn’t seem to have a fragrance, and is really refreshing for my skin.
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