Wrinkles in forehead at 20: different generations

Understanding skin How does skin change over the years?

The good news however is that more than 80% of skin aging is caused by external factors which can be influenced2:

  • Environmental factors: UV exposure and air pollution. 
  • Lifestyle factors: smoking, alcohol, nutrition, stress and lack of appropriate skincare.

Read more about the factors that influence skin aging in general skin aging. And find out how to prevent skin from aging prematurely in premature skin aging.


Research has shown that areas of skin that remain unexposed to sun maintain their tone, elasticity and the ability to regenerate until an advanced age. It is exposure to UV rays that causes photoaging (premature aging caused by the sun). This means that reducing our exposure to the sun and using proven and effective sun protection is a vital step that can be taken to delay the signs of aging. Read more in how do UVA, UVB and HEVIS light affect skin?

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